Decorative Wall Plates

While most people think of plates as a utilitarian piece designed to hold food while eating, decorative plates can be hung on the wall to add texture and interest to a room. While traditionally hung plates have featured pictures on the front, it is not a necessary feature. Simply find a plate with colors or a design that you love and display it on the wall for instant, affordable art. We carry traditional or contemporary wall plate designs from designers like Dessau, Cyan Design, Abigails, working Title and Andrea by Sadek.

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating a display of plates. Use a grouping of several simple pieces or hang an individual plate with a beautiful landscape painted on the front. Try using complementary designs, colors and textures in a space to bring out the room's decor. Plates can be hung in many ways including in straight lines or in random patterns.

Hanging a plate can be intimidating. Some decorative wall dishes come with ready-made holes for easy hanging. Others have plate hangers that embrace the back of the design. There are also displays made of bronzed iron or other materials that hold a plate in position on the wall. Folding plate stands can be used for tabletop displays or bookshelf accents. The hanging option you use will depend on your plates, your budget and where you plan to hang them.

Wall Plates
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