Emma Bridgewater Pottery Black Toast & Marmalade

Emma Bridgewater Pottery Black Toast & Marmalade

The Black Toast and Marmalade collection from Emma Bridgewater features simple sayings and phrases that will add interest to your home while creating a unique visual pattern. Emma Bridgewater pottery uses a special font for the phrases and every piece in the collection uses the same font for a cohesive look. The Black Toast collection also looks good with the brand's Black Wallpaper damask sponge ware pattern or the Marmalade pattern.

The Black Toast collection includes a variety of dinnerware pieces from dinner plates to salad plates, bowl and more. There's also a coordinating set of tea cups, sauces, espresso cups and coffee mugs. For serving, the Emma Bridgewater Black Toast collection can't be beat. Add coordinating teapots, jugs, sugar and creamer containers to customize your set.

There's more than just dinnerware and serving dishes in the Black Toast collection. There's also a wide range of baking dishes and kitchen accessories such s oven mitts, aprons and tea towels. There are gift items, specialty glasses and even melamine dinnerware for outdoor entertaining. With so many options and so many beautiful prints, you simply can't go wrong when you choose the Black Toast collection from Emma Bridgewater.

Black Toast & Marmalade
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