Herend Aquatic Dessert Collection

Herend Aquatic Dessert Collection

The Herend Aquatic dessert collection features designs with underwater creatures such as fish, seahorses, and shells to pair with your favorite Herend dinnerware pattern that complement the aquatic theme without overpowering it.

Herend dinnerware patterns that could work well with the Herend Aquatic dessert collection include:

Rothschild Bird: This classic pattern features birds and butterflies in a variety of colors and would complement the sea creatures in the Aquatic collection nicely. 

Golden Edge: The subtle gold edge on this pattern adds a touch of elegance that would pair well with the delicate sea-inspired designs of the Aquatic collection. 

Chinese Bouquet: This pattern features delicate flowers and leaves in soft pastel colors, which would complement the soft colors of the Aquatic collection.

Indian Basket: The intricate basketweave design of this pattern adds texture and depth, which would contrast nicely with the smooth surfaces of the Aquatic collection.

Fish Scale: This pattern features a subtle fish-scale texture that would complement the aquatic theme of the dessert collection without overpowering it.

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