Herend Porcelain Bug Figurines

Herend Porcelain Bug Figurines
When England's Prince George was born, Hungary presented the future king with a very special gift - a Herend porcelain set. Yes, a Herend figurine is that noteworthy and you will find an exceptional selection of elegant Herend Porcelain Bug Figurines at Distinctive Decor. These bugs certainly will not make you cringe. On the contrary, they are beautifully handcrafted from brilliant white porcelain. Each delightful bug features 24 karat gold accents. Now, there's a bug that is definitely worthy of a noteworthy place in your home.

From lucky ladybugs to stunning butterflies to dragonflies and beyond, Distinctive Decor's selection of Herend Porcelain Bug Figurines is simply fabulous. Need a truly unique Valentine's Day, anniversary or wedding gift for the person who holds your heart? How about a love bug? Choose from Herend's signature colors such as blue, rust, black, brown or butterscotch. Each possesses the gorgeous trademark fishnet design.

Book lovers will enjoy a playfully charming bookworm. This adorable handmade worm sits atop a book. It even sports a pair of glasses. Now, there is a truly memorable keepsake that will make a loving impression.

Lose your fear of spiders with the Herend Shaded Black Tarantula. There's an amazing spider even someone with arachnophobia will stop and admire.

Bring the joy and beauty of Herend into your home with Distinctive Decor's collection of Herend Porcelain Bug Figurines. Since 1826, Herend figurines have been making people smile.
Herend Bug Figurines
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