Jan Barboglio Candles and Candleholders

Jan Barboglio Candles and Candleholders

Jan Barboglio candles, candlesticks and candelabras harken to the heritage and traditions of Old Mexico. All pieces are made by hand and incorporate cast iron, forged iron and/or glass. All metals are shaped by hand and all glass is mouth blown and hand formed. The result is a grouping of fine handmade lighting and decorative lighting for your home.

Some of her candle holders are designed to hold multiple candles, while others are made for a single candle. Many of her candle holders are also adorned with decorative elements such as flowers, birds, and other nature-inspired motifs.

Jan Barboglio's hurricanes are handmade made from glass and are designed to hold candles or other decorative items inside. These hurricanes come in a variety of sizes and styles, from small tabletop versions to large, floor-standing pieces. Like her candle holders, Jan Barboglio's hurricanes are often decorated with intricate details and motifs that reflect her artistic style.

We offer the full selection of Jan Barboglio candelabras, candles, sconces, hurricanes and candlesticks, so there's sure to be one - or more! - that's perfect for your decor. 

Jan Barboglio Candleholders


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