Juliska Forest Walk Dinnerware

Juliska Forest Walk Dinnerware
Lovely items found and collected while on a stroll through the woods is the inspiration behind Juliska Forest Walk dinnerware and serving pieces. Twigs, acorns, berries, and feathers form a halo around each dinner plate for a beautiful, textural feel. Forest Walk serving pieces include boxed gift trays that use the same natural objects to spell sentiments such as "love," "family," and "gratitude." Choose a handful of Forest Walk serving pieces to compliment your Juliska Berry and Thread or Le Panier place settings in whitewashed for every day, or in Ruby for the holidays. This versatile collection provides infinite opportunities for decor and entertaining in a natural setting or for autumn celebrations.

Juliska Forest Walk dinnerware and serveware is made in Portugual of ceramic stoneware; each piece is freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

Forest Walk Dinnerware
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