Wellnessmats Cushioned Kitchen Floor Mat - Brown - Trellis 6x2

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The WellnessMats brown cushioned kitchen floor mat with trellis pattern measures 6'x2'. Wellness Mats reduce the fatigue, sore feet and achy backs that result from standing stationary for long periods of time - like when you cook, do dishes or work in the garage. WellnessMats anti-fatigue mats are unique in that they do not have a gel core; rather what makes Wellnessmats cushioned kitchen mats so comfortable is their relatively thick cushion made of recyclable polyurethane. The cushion actually suspends your body weight, reducing impact on your joints. 20 Year Warranty. Will not flatten or lose bounce. Anti-microbial, always lies flat, stain resistant, slip resistant, tear and puncture resistant. Made in the USA.

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