Maison Berger (Lampe Berger) Fragrance Oils

Maison Berger (Lampe Berger) Fragrance Oils

Maison Berger (formerly Lampe Berger) fragrances are comprised of fine fragrances, water and isopropyl alcohol. The Maison Berger fragrances take inspiration from nature and far off places. The current collection includes over 50 fragrances, with a scent for every customer. Each fragrance is born from the intimate memory of French master perfumers combined with personal history to find universal reception and a state of daily well being. From warm notes and fresh florals to exotic scents, amber tones and sublime sparkles, the Lampe Berger fragrance range is as wide as your imagination takes you.

Lampe Berger fragrances come in standard sizes of 500ml ($22) and 1 liter ($38). When you have discovered your favorite fragrances make sure to purchase the liter containers for significant savings. The 500ml containers cost $0.044 per ml, where the liter containers cost $0.038 per ml. To sample multiple fragrances purchase one of the trio gift packs in warm fragrances (Orange Cinnamon, New Orleans and Vanilla Gourmet) or fresh fragrances (Fresh Linen, Ocean Breeze and Lemon Flower). All remaining discontinued fragrances are currently discounted by 20%. These are only available as long as inventory lasts.

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