Lladro Attentive Bunny With Flowers Porcelain Figurine

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Such a perfect gift for Easter or for someone with a spring birthday. Attentive Bunny with Flowers is a precious little porcelain treasure only 4.5 inches high and 4.75" wide. She is one in the Charming Animals series of Lladro Porcelain Figurines, and charming is the perfect description of this lovely little sculpture. Handmade and hand painted in Valencia, Spain, this figurine lives up to Lladro's reputation for exquisite detailing and wonderful finish. Each flower petal and leaf is perfection. It's no wonder Lladro pieces are so coveted by serious collectors everywhere. It's the epitome of delight and simple innocence and is guaranteed to please any and all who see it. Children and adults alike are sure to be entranced. A wonderful addition to any collection, a great gift idea, and a marvelous item to begin a collection that will continue for a lifetime. When you consider porcelain works of art, always consider Lladro first.

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