Lladro Jazz Trio Male Musicians Figurine

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This is a piece tailor made for you musician friends or loved ones. The Jazz Trio Male Musicians is one of the Hobbies and Sports/Occupations series from Lladro Porcelain Figurines. 13.75" tall and 11.75" wide gives us a bass player, saxophonist and trumpet player jamming their hearts out - and by the looks of it, having a great time doing it. Handmade and hand painted at the famous Lladro Porcelain Factory in Valencia, Spain, the intricate artistry involved in this piece is amazing. A true work of art and one that makes it obvious why Lladro porcelain sculptures are coveted by serious collectors everywhere. Add this to your collection or give it as a very special gift to a music lover. It hardly needs adding that this is a piece that will be treasured forever.

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