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Santa, I've Been Good is the name of this piece, one in the Christmas Scenes from Lladro Porcelain Figurines, and yes, dear, we know you have. You can be sure Santa will reward this little one and he's sure to put her name on that famous list that he always checks twice. 20.5" tall and 9.5" wide means this fine fellow is going to be a perfect focal point for your holiday decorations. Beside the tree, or even on the floor - yes, he's big enough for that - or in the center of your holiday table, the one you load up with all the scrumptious treats for the guests who visit. Each porcelain sculpture by Lladro is handmade and hand painted at the famous Lladro Porcelain Factory in Valencia, Spain. Known world-wide for the excellence of their pieces it's no wonder they have such an great reputation - they've earned it. Notice the exquisite detailing and the marvelous lustrous finish, these are things Lladro is famous for. Coveted by serious collectors everywhere, we're confident you'll soon be joining their ranks. All it takes is just one look at the fine quality of this piece. Don't you deserve the best? We think so, and so does Lladro.

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