Nao by Lladro Porcelain "A clown's friend" Figurine

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A little birdie told me that this adorable clown has a new friend! The A Clown's Friend figurine is part of the Nao Figurines by Lladro collection. Circus and Show Biz is the collection where you'll find this beautiful porcelain piece. 10.75 inches tall and 6.75 inches wide, these Nao Figurines are from the Lladro Porcelain Factory in Valencia, Spain. Long known for the high quality and detail of their collectibles, the Nao pieces are perfect as additions to your collection or to give as gift to a special someone. Each figurine comes with a Nao Porcelain gift box and certificate of authenticity. You can take pride in owning or giving one of these lovely figurines.

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