Nao by Lladro Porcelain Elegance Figurine

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This piece is called Elegance and doesn't she live up to her name? The Elegance figurine is part of the Nao Figurines by Lladro collection, and is in the Youth series. Isn't this the perfect piece to serve as a tribute to that woman you know who simply exudes grace and charm? True elegance has nothing whatever to do with money, but in the way one presents his or her self to the world. A plain white, high necked gown, with the only decoration a border of flowers at the hem. A simple blue bracelet worn high on the arm. No other jewelry or ornamentation is necessary. Hair in a graceful upsweep. Elegance is the only word that will do. This porcelain figurine measures 12.5 inches tall and 4 inches wide. All Nao Porcelain Figurines are handcrafted in Valencia, Spain at the Lladro porcelain factory. Each figurine comes with a Nao Porcelain gift box and certificate of authenticity.

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