Peacock Alley Bamboo Hand Towel Linen

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Item: Peacock Alley Bamboo Hand Towel; Color Linen | Dimensions: 20"x30"

Peacock Alley Bamboo Basic luxury towels feature terry loop construction with a corded dobby border. The towels are comprised of 60% rayon from bamboo for absorbance and 40% 600 gram weight cotton for quicker drying. Bamboo is very absorbent, but does not dry quickly, the cotton is added to allow the towel to dry at a faster rate. This ratio of bamboo to cotton allows the towel to be very absorbent, have a soft and luxurious feel and dry quicker than an all-bamboo towel. Men seem to like Bamboo Basic towels because they have a very soft, yet frictional feel. Bamboo towels are also a great alternative to all cotton towels because of bamboo's sustainability.

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