Rosy Rings Botanical Wax Sachets

Rosy Rings Botanical Wax Sachets

Rosy Rings botanical wax sachets are small sachets that are filled with a blend of botanicals, fragrance oils, and natural wax. They are designed to be used as a natural air freshener in a variety of settings, including homes, offices, and cars.

The sachets are made using a process that involves hand-pouring the wax mixture into cotton sachets, which are then decorated with natural elements such as flowers, leaves, and spices. The wax slowly releases the fragrance and botanicals into the surrounding air, creating a long-lasting and subtle scent.

Rosy Rings offers a variety of scents for their botanical wax sachets, including Spicy Apple, Red Currant & Cranberry, Forest, Honey Tobacco, and many more. They are perfect for adding a touch of natural fragrance to any space, and make great gifts for friends and family.

In addition to their botanical wax sachets, Rosy Rings also offers a range of other home fragrance products, including candles, diffusers, and room sprays.

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