Spartina 449 Women's Accessories

Bold, colorful and full of fun, Spartina 449 handbags, purses, wallets and accessories offer modern women a touch of Southern spirit. Spartina 449 is a Hilton Head Island based women's handbag and accessory company that offers locally designed, high-quality linen and leather products. Each piece is carefully crafted using beautiful fabrics that feature bold patterns, bright colors and more. The bags are meant to capture the beauty and uniqueness of Daufuskie Island and the Low Country, offering women all over the world the chance to indulge in the rich style and warmth of the South.

Luxurious linen Spartina handbags are made for trendsetters. Distinctive Decor offers a large selection of handbags, purses, watches and duffels to choose from in vibrant colors, chic styles and functional designs. Each bag is made using a special patterned linen made of French flax. The linen fabric offers the perfect backdrop for the vibrant designs that make Spartina purses truly unique. The distinctive bags are made for women who want to be noticed and won't accept anything less than the best.

Spartina wallets are made using the same high-quality materials and lush patterns as the handbags. The wallets are designed for form and function, with plenty of card slots, easy access to identification and secure closures. Mix and match wallet and handbag patterns to make a set you'll love to be seen carrying.

Every Spartina pattern has a story. Patterns and colors change by season and each season's collections are carefully designed by Spartina's creative team that draws inspiration from Daufuskie Island's lush natural environment and unique culture. The patterns represent the people, animals, traditions and vegetation of the area. Bold colors are often used that bring the patterns to life and make them just as irresistible as the island itself. Patterns change with the season and are only offered for a limited time making them highly collectible.

In addition to our fabulous selection of Spartina wallets and handbags, be sure to shop our collection of Spartina 449 jewelry as well. From everyday chic to glitter and glam, Spartina accessories are the perfect choice for every woman. Start and end your day with Spartina 449 styles for a fun, fashionable and fabulous life.

Spartina 449 Handbags
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