Vagabond House Pewter & Stainless Steel Pitchers

Vagabond House Pewter & Stainless Steel Pitchers

For elegant pitchers, steins and bowls in fine pewter by Vagabond House, shop our competitively priced dinner service ware at Distinctive Decor. Naturally shed elk or deer antler horns and fine wood are among the nature-friendly materials used to create handles or accents for Vagabond House pewter pitchers, gravy boats, mugs, syrup pourers, creamers and decorative bowls. Pewter is sculpted in the shape of acorns, sea life, songbirds, cows and other wildlife and plants inspired by nature. Some of these keepsake pieces have intricate crowns and scrollwork inspired by the art of the ancient noble family of Medici from Florence.

Our Vagabond House collection includes flatware, serving bowls, candlesticks and beautifully crafted bar ware. Pewter only improves with age. It does not rust, tarnish or affect the taste of food. In addition to using naturally shed antler horns as handles or bases on some pieces, Vagabond House uses Makha wood, a rare hardwood that develops a deeper patina as it ages. The wood used by Earth-friendly Vagabond House is from naturally fallen trees or trees cut more than 30 years ago. Enjoy free shipping on qualifying orders from A tip: To bring European-style beer to the proper drinking temperature, chill a Vagabond House pewter beer mug for about 30 minutes before serving; pour room temperature beer into the mug and wait 3 minutes.

Pewter Pitchers

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