Vagabond House Photo Frames & Office Decor

Vagabond House Photo Frames & Office Decor
Choose elegant or whimsical picture frames from our Vagabond House designer collection of small and large photo frames at Distinctive Decor. We have 4-inch by 6-inch, 5-inch by 7-inch ornately decorated frames and 8-inch by 10-inch frames by Vagabond House. They are crafted of fine pewter that does not rust or tarnish. Choose elegantly crafted frames with oak leaf, acorn, black forest, flowers or other woodland designs inspired by nature. Find whimsically sculpted picture frames in pewter with elephants, fairies, nursery rhyme characters, lions or friendly barnyard animals. We have Christmas frames by Vagabond House with holiday themes.

Create a beautiful new focal point in your home with Vagabond House picture frames and candlesticks or exquisitely crafted trays. A beautifully crafted frame is a welcome present at a birthday, anniversary, family reunion or wedding celebration. Present a new mother with one or several nursery rhyme character frames in pewter. We will gift-wrap your gift on request. Enjoy free shipping on qualifying orders from
Vagabond House Frames
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