Vietri Bellezza Italian Dinnerware

"Bellezza" translates into English as "beauty," and the name couldn't be any more correct! The Vietri Bellezza collection of fine Italian dishes features three beautiful colors and accent collections. Bellezza colors include: buttercream, celadon and white. The accent collections feature Christmas, Thanksgiving and a nautical collection. This top selling collection of Italian ceramics features old Italian craftsmanship dating to the thirteenth century. Vietri's master artisans use sturdy and dense terra cotta clay as the medium for hand applied glazes and applying antique embossing for Bellezza's intricate detailing. All pieces of Bellezza are hand-shaped and are hand painted in Tuscany. The entire Bellezza range is microwave and dishwasher safe. All pieces can be warmed to 300 degrees in the oven and, of course, the baking pieces are oven-proof. If Vietri Bellezza interests you, you can mix-and-match any and all of the solid colors - they compliment each other wonderfully. You can always go with only one color, too. Whichever colors you mix, or do not mix, you are sure to have a classy and beautiful table top with Bellezza. This versatile collection features three accent collections to diversify your table setting. To create a holiday table, the Bellezza Santa collection features Santa-shaped salad plate, platter and appetizer plates, a Christmas tree shaped salad plate and reindeer bowls. The Thanksgiving collection has turkey-shaped salad plates, platters and bowls in white and gold.

Bellezza Dinnerware
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