Vietri Campagna Dinnerware

Vietri Campagna Dinnerware

The Vietri Campagna collection was the inaugural Vietri collection launched in 1983. The Vietri founders were enamored by the artistry of the uniquely hand-painted dishes used in their hotel on a trip to Italy. They found the factory, met with the owner and departed Italy with a suitcase full of samples and their dream to create a company that embodies the spirit of the Italian dining culture. The Vietri Campagna collection offers endless possibilities for artistic entertaining with colorful patterns that capture the essence of the Italian countryside.

The Vietri Campagna collection includes a variety of animal motifs including: Gallina (Rooster) - featuring green, red and mustard yellow, Pecora (Sheep) - utilizing mainly blue and green, Vacca (Cow) - in shades of purple, green and blue, Coniglio (Rabbit) - featuring an aqua background with orange and burgundy accents, Pesce (Fish) - using a deep blue background with green and red tones, Porco (Pig) - on a rosy background with orange and green, Uccello (Bird) - featuring orange, blue, green and burgundy, and Oca (Goose - retired) - on a yellow background with aqua blue accents.

The Campagna dinnerware is hand made from terra cotta clay in the Campania region of Italy. All Vietri Campagna dinnerware and bakeware is dishwasher safe. Layer the Campagna dishes with solid color Vietri plates to create a unique tablesetting. Dishwasher safe on the low heat/air dry settings. Always use the mildest liquid detergents (detergents without alcohol, perfumes or chlorine) when washing your Vietri Campagna.

Campagna Dinnerware

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