Voluspa Milk Rose Fragrance

Voluspa Milk Rose Fragrance

Voluspa Milk Rose is an ethereal fragrance that exudes elegance and charm, specifically crafted to envelop you in a delicate and intoxicating aroma.

The fragrance opens with a soft and creamy note, which creates a comforting and nurturing sensation. It is blended with a bouquet of blooming roses, lending a romantic and feminine touch to the scent. The rose notes are beautifully balanced, capturing the essence of freshly picked roses in full bloom.

As the fragrance develops, subtle hints of sweet vanilla and white floral undertones emerge, adding depth and sophistication. The vanilla note provides a subtle warmth and sweetness, while the white florals contribute a touch of freshness and airiness.

The overall impression of Voluspa Milk Rose is one of sheer elegance and timeless beauty. It is a fragrance that effortlessly combines femininity, sensuality, and grace. 

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