Juliska Glass Lamps & Lighting Pendants

Juliska Glass Lamps & Lighting Pendants

If you're looking for an unusual lighting solution for your home, consider a Juliska glass pendant light. Juliska lamps use beautiful clear glass for which the brand is renowned. Pendant lights are available in globe or cylinder styles and are sure to make a statement wherever you place them. Use the lamps in your foyer, your dining room or even your bedroom to bring light and luxury to your space.

Versatile and inspiring Juliska glass pendant lights are made from mouth-blown glass. Each piece is completely unique and is the collaborative effort of 2 to 3 glass masters. The lamps are crafted in Prague and incorporate elements of Bohemian design. The glass pendants allow light to extend outward in all angles while reflecting off the surfaces of the glass. Pieces with more angles or inclusions will have greater reflectivity.

Add one-of-a-kind Juliska glass lighting pendants to your space and enjoy the uniqueness they bring to your design. Your Juliska light will surely be the focal point of the room, enhancing the space's decor and creating an undeniable feel of luxury.

Juliska Lighting & Lamps
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